Terms Of Service

  1. I, the creator and all those associated with the development and production of these programs are not responsible for any actions and or damages caused by this software. You bear the full responsibility of your actions and acknowledge that these software was created for educational purposes only. All our softwares intended purpose is NOT to be used maliciously, or on any system that you do not have own or have explicit permission to operate and use our programs on. By using our software, you automatically agree to the above.
    Product Terms of Service
  1. This software is not made for malicious use but only for educational purposes and pentesting.
  2. We cant grantee you that the output file will be always clean fud.
  3. All sales are final, no refund.
  4. We cant grantee that our products will work on all systems.
  5. Sharing the stub or selling it is not allowed.
  6. I may stop selling or supporting this product at any time without prior notice and refund.
  7. We only support issues related to the product itself.
  8. We only provide support via discord and telegram
  9. Uploading to virustotal, jotti , metadefender or any scanner that shares samples is not allowed.
  10. Sales trashing will get you banned.
  11. Use of "Lifetime" means the lifetime of the product not your life.
  12. These terms and conditions could be changed at anytime without prior notice.
  13. We don not gaurentee 100% builder uptime but always offer manual builds

By purchasing any of our products you agree to these terms.