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Crypto Clipper

When a crypto address is copied, its substituted with your crypto address causing the victim to send money to your address.

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LNK Exploit

The ultimate disguise! Disguise your .exe file with any file extension and any file icon, all while being undetected

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Bonus Features

Free Builds

Get the latest new builds with updated high quality features for free.

Free Refuds

If your stub gets detected, you can get unlimited free refuds.

Pre Crypted

Your stub will come pre-crypted, you do not need to purchase or use any 3rd party crypter.

Guides, Methods & Videos

Not sure how to start? Or want some help? We provide detailed guides and videos on how to get started.

Spreading Methods

We provide free high quality updated spreading methods to get started right away.

Private Groups

In our private groups users discuss malware & methods to build up money. You can share spreading methods & get help from others customers.

Dedicated Support

All lifetime customers get fast replies and helpful answers to any questions they have.

1-1 Spreading Support

Not getting the results your hoping for? Any lifetime customer can message us and get help on how to improve results and quality of spreading.

Included Guides


Step by step guide on how to prepare to start spreading (preview).

What is spreading

Explanations of what spreading is and how it works for the newbs.

Spreading Methods

Free spreading methods to get you many installs and your feet in the spreading world.

Bind Files

Video tutorial on how to bind 2 exe files together, this is important for spreading.

File Icons

Video tutorial to replace, remove or add file icons to an exe file.

Private Groups

In our private groups users discuss malware & money making methods. You can share spreading methods & get help from others.